We are in Europe!

Monday morning was greeted by a bunch of really excited students. They had just spent the weekend with their families and they all wanted to share their experiences. Some went to Madrid, some went to Segovia and saw the Roman aquaduct. Quite a few experienced a real Spanish festival and one student even ventured as far as Jerez to watch the Moto GP.

During the weekend German and French students arrived in Avila for their exchange, and on Monday morning we all met and went first to offer some flowers to Saint Teresa, Avila’s patron, and then to see Avila’s main touristic attractions together. The press followed us all the way to write an article, as it is the first time the 3 exchanges have coincided in Avila.

We were greeted by the Mayor in the Town Hall and then went to the primary school for a midmorning snack. Once we all recharged batteries we visited Avila’s cathedral and learnt all about the building with the help of Jesus, one of the History teachers.

In the afternoon we all returned to school to play “Trivia” against our Spanish, German and French friends.

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Fun day in Madrid.

Today we have gone to Madrid for a fun packed day. In the morning we visited “El Estadio Santiago Bernabéu”, home to Real Madrid football club. It is massive and we went all the way to the top and then worked our way down through halls full of trophies and memorabilia. We even got to see the changing room and sat on the bench.

At lunch time we left the city centre and headed out towards “El Parque de Atracciones”, Madrid’s theme park. Oh my! We got really excited when we saw some of the rides from the coach window. We had a “man down” after one of the rides proved a bit too much for the stomach. But… what a fun day we all.



Salamanca, a beautiful city.

Our second day in Spain took us to Salamanca, an hour West from Avila and not too far from Portugal. Sun was out and so our spirits were high. On the way there we saw “el Toro de Osborne”, declared an icon of Spanish culture.

Salamanca is famous for its university, which dates from 1218. The original building is still being used, though not for lectures. We visited it and saw some of the halls, which have been preserved.

Then we headed to the huge gothic cathedral and climbed the tower up to the bells. From up there the sights of the city are truly breath taking. Going down was one scary experience, through the narrow spiral stairs.

Finally we all went to “la Plaza Mayor”, the town square, where we enjoyed some free time.

We will upload photos shortly.





The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain

24 hours have passed since we set foot in Avila and it’s time to take stock.  So, we left a lovely blue Bristolian sky behind and headed south.  Our journey was “suave como la seda” (literally “smooth as silk”) and very exciting for the first time flyers. We were greeted in Spain by heavy rain! and slowly made our way to Avila, where we arrived at the scheduled time. The drops on the coach window could not hide the amazing sight of Avila’s wall at night, and after quickly embracing our Spanish friends under a sea of umbrellas we all went our different ways.

In the morning we couldn’t wait to share with the others the peculiarities of our houses and families…everything is so different and exciting!  We were informed that our planned trip to the tree top zip wires had to be cancelled, due to the wet and unsafe conditions.  Thankfully, as our Spanish partner school is celebrating this week their annual festivities, we could join them on a variety of activities, such as watching a play by some primary pupils and games.  We also had a tour of the buildings, which was rather interesting, as their facilities are so different to ours.

All in all a good day was had by everyone.


We’ve arrived to Madrid!

Year 8 – Mme Grainger – Homework Wk 2

  1. Write a paragraph about how you normally spend your holidays.
    • Where and when you go, who with, how long for, what things you do, etc…
    • Remember: opinions & reasons, intensifiers, connectives…
    • *** TOP SET*** Extend yourselves by adding in a bit about future holidays
    • If you need to look words up in a dictionary, use www.wordreference.com
  2. Use these links to practise your vocabulary for this week.  You must be able to give the meanings and spell them correctly.

Les vacances                       https://quizlet.com/_26guw2

High frequency words     https://quizlet.com/_26gyhl