Classe de Mme Gavrilenko – Devoirs du 16 octobre – A rendre mercredi 21 octobre AU PLUS TARD

Fantastic work today – I attach all the documents you need for your homework – the model we wrote together in class, the task sheet and the examples of imperfect phrases.  Remember to think carefully about WHICH PAST TENSE you need:

IMPERFECT- repeated actions, something interrupted or a state/feeling (eg in the mornings We went to the beach)

PERFECT – a completed action in the past (eg We arrived at the hotel at 11am)

PLUPERFECT – “had….”  (We had rented a house before we went)

Use your narration sentence starters etc.



imperfect examples

Some examples of the imperfect to describe activities on holiday.

11NFR1’s joint effort                      holiday homework 11NFr1

So… what did we think about it?

Our students were delightful and both of us (Miss Rueda and Mrs Burgoyne) felt really privileged to share this experience with them. Here is what they have to say about their trip…

“Spanish exchange is the best experience I have ever done. Everyone gets on and you have such a laugh” Natalie

“The Spanish exchange is an amazing experience and you make a friend and memories for life”  Rose

“This experience has been an eye-opener for trying new cultures and cuisine. Also, it’s amazing to not just see the cities but the countryside as well”  Ellen

“This week I have seen Spain in a totally different perspective, a much better one. To see Ávila is amazing, and I hope I can go back”  James

“Spain has been amazing. I have done and tried things I would never try. I would do the exchange again and I would recommend everyone to do it”  Georgia

“This, was one of the most amazing weeks of my life . I am so thankful for the opportunity to properly experience a whole other culture”  Grace

“Ávila es muy muy bonita. The walls were stunning and the weather has been perfect. I have tried so many new things and had so many new experiences. I would love to come back in the summer”  Carrie

“Spain has been a great experience for me, personally. It has made me a lot more confident in my Spanish speaking. It has been a nice break from rainy England”  Amy

“It was a great opportunity and if I have the chance I will do it again”  David

“My experience was amazing, I met lots of new people and did lots of interesting things”  Tom

“The experience was fantastic and I really enjoyed spending time with my family”  Chloe

“My experience was “deadly” and I enjoyed it a lot”  Ed

“Going to Spain was “sick”. I can’t believe I actually went. It was so fun but hard at the same time. In certain times it was awkward as I had no idea what was happening but the mistery made it more exciting. I enjoyed Spain a lot…. I loved it!”  Jack

“The Spanish trip was amazing and fun as well, especially the tree climbing; I was called the Monkey for the rest of the day because I finished all the circuits an hour ahead of all the rest. Also the Bernabeu (Real Madrid Stadium) was amazing”   Lewis


That’s all folks!

A tearful goodbye

The last day was a mixture of emotions; on one hand we were looking forward to going back to our families, on the other hand we were sad to leave our new friends behind.

In the morning we went to school. Their lessons are very different, Spanish students have to write a lot! We also visited the Primary school, which is built by the Wall, and met some y6 students who asked us lots of questions in English.


At the Primary School


y6 students eager to know more about us.

At break we all had chocolate con churros with our Spanish friends and teachers. After some free time we met again with our friends for a “farewell” lunch… we knew the time to leave was coming and tears were starting to flow. Saying good bye was really difficult, we’ve had such a great time!

    IMG_20150311_115931026 IMG_20150311_115949877_HDR IMG_20150311_120003892 IMG_20150311_120102834_HDR

On the bus back Miss Rueda and Mrs Burgoyne gave us personalised certificates and a little survival pack, with “pipas”, “cola-cao” and other bits. Chloe also won a prize for her enthusiasm and effort to integrate during the whole trip. All it was left was seeing our parents again…   

IMG_20150311_155749115_HDR IMG_20150311_155821109_HDR IMG_20150311_155841730 IMG_20150311_155939777_HDR


Our last photo together, waiting to board our plane.