Jour 4 – on est en excursion (et je suis morte)

Not a long entry today as we have an early start tomorrow but plenty of photos to look at.  For our final day we headed out on a trip, first to a local market where we sampled the bread, bought some patisserie to sample, some garlic for Monsieur Thankyou’s fancy dress and some of us (well one of us – David!) a bell.  Then it was off to Mont Saint Michel where we had a wander through the narrow streets and a walk around the ramparts where we learnt about the history of the place, including local legends.  This was when we could see how much more French our little lot were able to understand compared to the start of the week – far fewer blank looks and far more interpreting.  United Nations here they come.

We had a brief stop in the supermarché to stock up on some goodies to bring home, then it was back to the chateau.

I’m sure you’re all wondering about our latest casualties in the Camp Cluedo so I’ll fill you in.  Will was killed by Betty in the car with a lampe de poche, I killed Betty with a cuillère en plastique in the salle de classe and then Lilian (do not trust that girl – she is VERY sneaky) killed me 10 minutes later in the salle de bains des filles with a bouteille d’eau and Willow was killed by Lilian (what did I say about her?????)  on the terrain de foot with a brosse à cheveux.   Our only survivors as I write are Monsieur Thankyou, Grace and (grrrr) Lilian.  We are not sure how it will finir.

Tonight was Le Talent Show which we shared with another school (50 girls from a London School).  It is difficult to put into words the various emotions that were present in the room tonight but a few things that ran through my mind as volunteers from the two schools performed are: admiration, pride, wonder, amusement, shame and complete and utter disbelief.  I won’t say which of those were for which act, but needless to say that the teachers were all quite relieved when it was over!  I think it’s a case of what happens en France stays en France.  But let me just mention Will volunteering to dance in front of a room full of people (Will’s moment of madness of the trip), Willow swearing blind that she wasn’t going to join in the group effort and then singing beautifully in front of everyone (where did THAT come from?) and Kirkby and Beth……well I don’t have the vocabulary or the space to say more  but I do have some video evidence that I will be handing over to parents to be used as a blackmailing tool later in life.

But, like all good things, the trip has to come to  une fin and so we wish you all bonne nuit.  Tomorrow le petit-déj is at sept heures dix and le départ at sept heures et demie so I am hoping for une nuit calme.  We have been complimented by all the staff here for our fantastic group – for their punctuality, their enthusiasm, their progress in French and their spirit throughout the stay.  Bravo to all of them – they are a credit to the school and to their parents.

We’ll hopefully be back next year so Year 9 – let me know if you are interested!

Madame Gav

Jour 3: meurtres, tir à l’arc et escalade




Aujourdhui c’est l’anniversaire de Billy. Il a fêté ses 15 ans – joyeux anniversaire Billy!

After another hearty breakfast, our morning was spent doing archery (Grace était  la championne – bravo!) and aeroball (basically a combination of trampolining and basketball in which I scored nul points and Kirkby was top goal scorer.

Being in Normandy surrounded by apple trees (les pommiers) cider is a very important product so we learnt about how it was made and got to try a VERY small amount.

After lunch we headed to the climbing wall (Le mur d’escalade)  where everyone did a brilliant job at encouraging each other to get to the top in order to “sonner la cloche” (ring the bell). There were some speedy performances by Will, David, Billy and Willow and prizes for perseverance have to go to Katie and Grace who kept going while listening to various tips from the “support team” in what can only be described as franglais.

Meanwhile, are all involved in our Camp Cluedo which involves each of us trying to “kill” another with an object in a place. So far Betty is proving to be a rather efficient serial killer having eliminated two people with un stylo in different places. There was definitely some plotting going in tonight to get Mr Mercy but he is much too wise to fall for it and so remains alive.  We are all becoming very wary!

And finally for tonight, just a word about how fantastic it is on a trip like this to see someone reveal their true personality as the days go on. Today’s case in point is Lillian who has gone from being very quiet to….well…..pretty much le contraire. These two photos pretty much tell the story:

And as I sit writing this in the dark hallway of our accommodation block, I can hear the girls in their dorm speaking French EVEN WHEN THEY DONT HAVE TO!!!!!







Jour 2 et tout va bien!

We’ve had another packed day, starting with le petit déjeuner (croissants et chocolat chaud bien sûr). Next it was off to l’escrime (fencing) where Mr Mercy triumphed over Will in the final. Lunch was followed by Les petits boulots (jobs) which involved feeding the animals today.  Guess who was scared of the chickens?

After that we got kitted out for canoeing. During the briefing session, we were warned about the crocodiles, snakes, shark and piranhas in the lake. This was met with astounded questions including “How on earth did they manage to get a risk assessment for this activity?” and “Do we HAVE to do this?”.  If only there were a prize for gullibility ….


The lake was cold, muddy and (quelle surprise) free of predators so luckily we all live to see another jour.

oh, and, by the way, our students are all definitely understanding more  French every day and their confidence is growing. C’est merveilleux!

a demain


Nous sommes arrivés au château!

Bonjour de Normandie!


What a treat to be away with such a fantastic group of students!

Just a quick post to let you know that we have arrived safe and sound at the Chateau de la Baudonnière in Normandy. The ferry crossing was just lacking in one thing: comfortable beds!  Instead we had to make do with chairs or the floor. Needless to say that very little sleep was had, but that didn’t stop David having a full English at 6.30am. Will decided to wait for that well-known french gastronomic treat – BBQ Pringles – at the service station.

Here at the chateau, they been thrown into French since our arrival with lunch, explanation of the rules and programme and orienteering all done without a word of English from our animateur and are dealing with it brilliantly!  I don’t think poor Mr Mercy (or Monsieur Thankyou as we have decided to rename him) was expecting to have to get so involved with the language, so we look forward to seeing how he gets on with his daily diary! The programme is packed with very non-stop activities. Not many photos yet I’m afraid but tomorrow it’s fencing and canoeing so plenty of photo opportunities.

À demain!

Year 9 top set – Mme Grainger

Bonjour my lovely year 9s.

Here is your homework for next week, with the questions in English too in case you’ve forgotten what they mwriting-challenge-homework-top-setean🙂

No Google translate – can however be very useful!

I look forward to seeing what you can do!

PS: If anyone hasn’t completed their translation homework from this week – you’ve effectively been given a second chance- use it wisely!🙂



Year 9 – Mme Grainger

Bonjour Year 9!

Top set – Homework due Tuesday 27th

  • Finish reading activity from class (fill out table on the worksheet handed out in class – do not worry about the gapfill below it!) See below for the reading text in case you didn’t get a picture of it in class.
  • Unscramble sentences sheet – to be glued into your book with unjumbled sentences on the same/next page, depending on space)year-9-hw-sports-reading


9T2 – Homework due Monday 26th

  • Learn all parts of the verb faire
  • Cover your book with France-related images


Bon weekend!