Paris, ooh la la!

Hello again,

I thought I’d use the time we have while the kids are busy packing to try and get the blog updated a little earlier than usual.

Another lovely day in Paris in much friendlier conditions than on Tuesday: we had a nearly mild 29 degrees, which was quite good for our epic climb up the Eiffel Tower.
We were proud of them all for making it up with minimal complaints, but even more so of those who made it up in spite of a crippling fear of heights. The views from the top were breathtaking…




So proud of Dan for conquering his fear and making it to step 328, aka the first floor!!


All 23 of us on the glass floor! #freakedout

Following this we headed to the river Seine and boarded a “bateau-mouche” for an hour long meander along the Seine. We were able to get another look at some of those key sights we saw briefly on Tuesday and get some more photos. Highlights: Kirkby and Sir Sax getting passers by to rock out, while the the other boys got them to dab and Nathan being forced to stay completely silent for 10 minutes (which he managed with incredible grace!)


The last of our time in Paris was spent at the famous Champs Elysées, where the were able to hit some shops. I took the girls to Sephora, while Miss Mel took her group to see the swish new F1 Renault car and Mr Saxby took his little group clothes shopping. And to fishing it all off, we bought them ice-creams!


Get the feeling they may be getting sick of photos! 

One final dip in the pool and dinner later (the escargots met with mixed reviews, but Harry did eat a whole bowl of them! Super proud of him!), they are busy trying to cram everything back into their suitcases. Our last night at the chateau will be spent making crêpes- let’s see whether we have any cordon-bleus in the house!

A dream is a wish the heart makes…

And what a dream Wednesday was! The weather was thankfully a little cooler than Tuesday, making our day at Disneyland Paris much more fun!

After a short delay this morning, we arrived raring to go. We didn’t actually get to spend that much time with the kids yesterday, as they went off in groups of 5-6. They checked in at various points during the day and excitedly told us about the various “awesome” rides they had been on. Luckily the park was pretty quiet, so there was very little queuing done, meaning lots more goes on rides! Space Mountain was a big hit, especially with some of the boys who went on it 10 times, or so they said at least! Someone even got to meet up with some friends from Primary School whom she hadn’t seen in years… Here are just a few photos of the day- we will make all photos available through a shared folder once we are back in the UK and have better internet!


A modern day golden ticket…


Walking down Main Street


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Group photo before we let them go!

Other than one student who scared us blue by going off to the toilet on his own and not quite making it back to the meeting point on time 😖, it all went very smoothly.

We finished the day off with a twist on the classic egg drop, this time with water balloons, which inevitably led to an all out water fight. Overall it was a pretty fantastic day, or “the best day so far” according to some of the kids.

We are currently on our way into Paris for our final day of sightseeing, Starting with the Eiffel Tower, so look out for more pictures later on today!

🎶Feeling hot, hot, hot 🎶

Bonsoir les parents!

As I mentioned last night, the kids did a photo challenge activity last night. They were given quite a long list of challenges to complete, including things such as “take a photo of your group pretending to be the avengers”, “create your own workout video” or even “make a PGL art attack”. It was lovely to see them not only display incredible teamwork, but also fascinating to see how each group approached their tasks and the array of results we had, which I will try to post tomorrow!

It was quite an early bedtime as we were all quite worn out. Here we were worried about having to police noise, but they mostly went out like lights. Until Miss Mel and I rudely came knocking on doors at 7.30 am that is! Welcome, we most certainly were not 😉

What followed today was a great day in spite of the overwhelming heat. We kick started the day with a continental breakfast of croissants, cereal, yoghurt, fresh fruit, and baguette. This seemed to go down well with everyone except Mr Saxby, who was hankering for a full English.

We quickly set off for the nearby town of Brie Conte Robert, where we were dropped off outside the medieval castle. The students then did a town trail around this pleasant a quiet little town. And then it was off to the market we go! In the heat we currently have, it’s hardly surprising that fans were one of the most popular items they came back with!

That little bit of shopping done, we headed back to the coach and made our way over to Paris, where our lovely PGL guide, Al, gave us a coach tour of Paris with some factual information about the places we were passing, and some fun made up ones to see whether the kids would pick up on it! Now it’s your turn- which of these facts are true?
1. Having discovered the danger of UV rays, the French government opened up a cloud factory in Paris in the 1970s, to create an additional layer of protection against them.
2. The zoological gardens in Paris are one of the biggest in Europe and were originally a medicinal garden for the King of France, Louis XIII. During the famine of 1870, the Parisian people were so hungry they broke in and slaughtered some of the animals for food.
3. The French love their petit pois. The largest pea factory in France is located along the banks of the river Seine. In fact the river is precisely where the peas that fail to make the cut end up, having been hurtled down the lime green shute running outside the building. That is where the river gets its green tinge from.

After driving past the Eiffel tower, the Invalides, Notre Dame, the place de la Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysées, the Moulin Rouge and countless museums (!), we finally got dropped off in Montmartre. It was time to climb up the 300 plus stairs that lead to the top of the butte Montmartre and the iconic Sacré Coeur 😓


And off we go… up the hill to get to the steps


Group photo at summit minus 380 odd steps


Halfway up and we’re starting to really feel the heat!

Hard work, but I think we would all agree that the view was more than worth it! We then broke for a spot of lunch in the shade, looking out over the whole of Paris before having a quick look in the Basilica.




Blistering heat!

Unfortunately photos are strictly forbidden so we have none to share but it was beautiful, crowded and blissfully cool! As it turns out, 30 degrees yesterday was nothing: at 5pm today it was 38 degrees, so we reckon it was probably hovering around a scorching 40 degrees when we were climbing and pottering around Montmartre. Needless to say, we’ve got through copious amounts of sun cream and water today!

We finished off with an hour and half of group free time, which we spent looking at the street artists’ work (someone even had a free paper silhouette done), buying you lovely people gifts and obviously, eating a well-deserved ice-cream 😊

Our evening back at the Château involved dinner, a splash around in the pool and some rounders, followed by what we hope will be a very restorative, sleep-filled night ahead of tomorrow’s epic Disneyland adventure!

Bonne nuit!

First of all, we made it!

It was a long, long day of travelling, which the kids dealt with with grace, humour and dabbing galore, and just a touch of High School Musical for good measure.

We made great time on our way to Dover and once past Tauton Deane services, excitement (thankfully) give way to tiredness and other than the hardcore chatters, we mostly all managed to get a couple of hours of the all-important shut eye. We even made the earlier ferry!


All aboard! And all a bit knackered!


Farewell England- see you soon! 

Short as it was, the ferry trip was quite eventful for some of our lovely year 7 and 8 boys who proved to be a hit with the ladies (well, girls technically!). Just over an hour after bidding farewell to the white cliffs of Dover, we heard someone say “surely that can’t be France already, Miss?!”.



Who’s for Starbucks?


Turning on the charm…

Sadly what time we gained on one side of the water we lost again to traffic on the other, and those last few miles seemed to never end. Leaving the comfort of the air-conditioned coach was a bit of a shock to the system. We actually have 30 degrees C here, and have photo evidence to prove it!



A slumbering Sir Sax

Luckily after quickly stowing bags inside their rooms and being given a quick tour of the site, the students were able to cool off with a dip in pool, a luxury which I feel will prove very popular over the next few days!


The main building

The grounds are lovely: there’s loads of space for games of all kinds, and thankfully big trees providing plenty of shade. The few hours of settling in time were used for some military-style organising of rooms,

a spot of frisbee with Miss Melrose,





and some lounging around in the shade,



Sweet, sweet shade…


Pulling faces…


Chilling out…

before heading in for dinner and a photo challenge evening activity! Photos to follow tomorrow!

The plan for tomorrow has changed slightly: local town of Brie in the morning followed by the Sacré Coeur and Montmarte in the afternoon. This is simply to minimise travel time between the different areas of Paris on Thursday and give us more time to see the landmarks instead 😀

Keep checking in for more updates and photos!



Year 7 Revision

With the end of year assessments only one week away, it’s time to get revising, year 7!

Remember you don’t have to revise from your book; you can also use the internet. There are some things on and we’ve created Quizlets for all the topics you’ve covered this year.

Happy revision!

Quizlets:    (you may need to get a new password from your teacher)