Year 11 de Mme Gavrilenko – learning homework

Avant, je fumais Before, I smoked/used to smoke
Certains de mes amis fument Some of my friends smoke
Nous buvons de l’alcool le weekend We drink alcohol at the weekends
Ils disent que They  say that
C’est déstressant It’s relaxing
C’est dégoûtant It’s disgusting
J’ai essayé d’arrêter I tried to stop
Je suis devenu dépendant I’ve become addicted
Il est devenu accro He has become addicted
Je ne fumerai jamais I will never smoke
Je suis plus heureux I am happier
Il a recommencé He started again

Year 8 Classes de Mme Gavrilenko – Model text




Here is the text we looked at together.  You will notice that I’ve added in something in the past tense.  What level would this piece be now?  2 E-praise points for the first person to come to me with a translation of the past tense section.  Remember the colour coding and try to include examples of those in your work.  Bonne chance!

model text for christmas writing assessment

Day 2 – Taking it ice and easy

Our intrepid Spanish adventurers set out today for a day at the Eden Project.  They started off exploring the biomes (though word has it that some of the boys were more interested in two-legged female forms of local wildlife).

eden 3     eden 4

They ended up with a skating session and we are glad to report that there were no broken bones (luckily Mrs Gerry stayed away from the ice!) and they all returned safe and sound at the end of the day.

eden 2

Welcome to England!

It’s Day One of the Spanish exchange.  Twenty-three Spanish students arrived last night after a long journey and, after a night with their new English families, came into school today looking cheerful and enthusiastic.  They spent some time with Year 9 students interviewing each other and then had a tour of the school thanks to some excellent Year 7 guides.  After that, it was off to Exeter with their English partners for a whistle-stop tour of the city centre then an afternoon of bowling.  A great start to the week!

group photo cathedral bowling