Mme Gavrilenko – Devoirs Year 11 pour jeudi 26 janvier

Image result for cleaningIf you have not created a memrise account you will need to do that first.  Click on this link to take you into memrise,com:

Create an account using:

  • a username that will allow me to recognise you
  • your school email address

Once you have done this you should be taken to your home page and you will find that you have joined the group and you will have a choice of two courses:


This week’s homework is from the course called les taches ménagères year 10.  You need to have learnt at least the first 3 levels for a test on Thursday.  Simply click on learn and the learning will launch. You’ll see some vocab and after a few words it will start to ask you to choose the correct meaning or type in the word.  You get points for each correct answer.

The other course is for general GCSE revision as it covers all the vocabulary from the AQA HIgher GCSE.  Please use it as much as you can to revise vocabulary for the listening and reading exams.

You can check your progress against others in the group and I can (and will) check your progress. You are aiming for at least 30,000 points a week for the moment.

Mme Gavrilenko – DEVOIRS 8R1 – pour jeudi 26 janvier

Image result for le crapaudYour homework is based on the poem we’ve been working on – Le Crapaud

You can either:

  1. Make a comic strip to show the story of the poem, putting the text in speech bubbles.  You can choose what animal you want to use as the other character along with the toad.   OR
  2. In pairs, learn the poem off by heart and perform it with props/pictures. You can provide a video recording or perform it for me next lesson.

If you can think of another way to present this poem apart from the above, please come to see me to discuss it.

This will be a key assessed homework for this term so it is important that you do it properly.   It is due in on Thursday 26 January.

Le Crapaud

Crapaud, s’il te plaît, va au marché !
– J’ai mal au pied
Crapaud, s’il te plaît, écosse les pois !
– J’ai mal au bras
Crapaud, s’il te plaît, lave les assiettes !
– J’ai mal à la tête

Crapaud, s’il te plaît, allume le feu !
– J’ai mal aux yeux
Crapaud, s’il te plaît, surveille le fourneau !
– J’ai mal au dos
Crapaud, s’il te plaît, coupe le pain
– J’ai mal à la main
Crapaud, dresse la table pour le dîner !
– J’ai mal au nez
Viens manger, Crapaud, la soupe est servie
– J’essaierai, pour vous faire plaisir mon amie !


Miss Grainger Year 9 homework

Top set year 9:

  1. Translation task (given to you in class)ny-translation
  2. Write your own new year’s resolutions by adapting the text from task 1 (minimum 50 words)
  3. Learn vocab for the next unit using Memrise – see instructions below.


  1. Click here
  2. Set up an account for Memrise – you MUST:
    1. use your SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS
    2. select a username that will enable me to know who you are : ie name.surname
  3. Come back to this blog post and click here (this will take you back to Memrise on the year 9 group
  4. Select the Studio AQA GCSE French group
  5. Learn the vocab from Module 3 – La nourriture et les boissons